Working As A Freelance Designer

Working As A Freelance Designer

An Intro of Freelance Designer

Generating income online has become tougher recently. Google makes it ensure that only large websites with a lot of backlinks and lengthy, high-quality content typically show up within the best niches. Unless of course, you’re old, it’s lots of work to earn money with websites and blogs.

But there’s one particular way to benefit from the present climate, and that’s to provide the services you provide like a freelance designer!

Offering services is a terrific way to earn money without getting to contend with countless other websites in one market, and without getting to invest immeasurable cash on ads. Actually, it’s not necessary just one cent to obtain began as lengthy as you have a pc, web connection, and a few fundamental design software. (Even though you don’t, you will find workarounds.

For instance, you are able to rent a fairly decent desktop or laptop computer from a place like Aaron’s, use free internet in a library or cafe, and rent software through Adobe Creative Cloud for any couple of dollars monthly.) You do not even need to have great design skills. It’s easy to make decent money like a designer with virtually no existing skill.

Just see a couple of tutorial videos online, and you will be creating fundamental graphics very quickly! You could transfer to more complicated designs as the skills progress.

Prepared to learn how to earn money as a designer? Let’s begin.

Getting Began

Before you earn money like a freelance designer, there’s a couple of considerations to have. If you are studying this, you most likely currently have many of these, or at best many of them. Otherwise, we’ll discuss a couple of methods for getting the thing you need without having to spend 1000s of dollars upfront.

Here’s the thing you need, at least:

1. A Good Computer – You cannot pull off utilizing a computer with really low specs, regrettably. Today’s graphics software programs all use considerable sources, so utilizing a 10-year-old laptop with 4 GB of memory just isn’t likely to work.

2. Decent Internet – Again, you cannot use a really slow internet a do well. Graphics files are frequently quite large, along with a very slow connection that will frustrate you very rapidly. You’ll need a minimum of a 3 Mbps link with being productive.

3. Design Software – Adobe Illustrator is extremely suggested, as there’s more support by means of tutorials, add-ons, etc.

What exactly if you are missing a part of this stuff? Let’s talk over some from the ways you can accessibility things you ought to get began.


It’s imperative to possess a decent computer if you wish to design graphics since most software programs utilized by designers require lots of system sources to operate correctly. You’ll require a decent processor, a minimum of 6-8 GB of memory, along with a good video card, at least.

It is also useful to possess a bigger hard disk because the files it’s important to store onto it will frequently be rather large. However, you will get for this requirement by utilizing an exterior hard disk to keep lots of your files, or using cloud storage like Dropbox. Obtaining a decent computer doesn’t always need to mean spending 100’s of dollars upfront.

Many people can’t manage to purchase a new computer outright. Financing is most likely the best choice, but bear in mind that should you not have great credit, you’ll finish up having to pay much more for the computer because interest fees on options that do not require a good credit score are often high. Lots of places can help you finance a pc without great credit.

Listed here are a couple of places to think about:

Make sure to select a computer which has good specs, because it’s not really effective to possess a computer that won’t run the program you should utilize.


Not everybody can access fast internet their current address. You may still find lots of dead zones on the planet, and often it’s simply not reasonable for having internet, even if it’s accessible where you reside. The fast internet can frequently cost $100 monthly, or even more, and should there be no affordable options where you reside, it may seem you cannot earn money as a freelancer.

Fortunately, there are several options open to you even though you don’t reside in a place with the use of fast, affordable internet. The very first choice is using mobile internet. For those who have a mobile phone, you might be able to utilize it like a personal hotspot to be able to connect to the internet out of your computer. You just sign in to the hotspot while you would Wireless, or connect via Bluetooth.

Sometimes you may also connect with your phone’s hotspot by plugging your phone to your computer. Should you not possess a phone which has a hotspot feature, you might be able to obtain a dedicated hotspot device using your mobile phone carrier. Many carriers offer these small devices, and you may frequently connect several devices one hotspot. Obviously, you’ll need to be careful about how exactly much bandwidth you utilize, as mobile bandwidth is frequently quite costly, as well as “unlimited” plans, will never be truly limitless.

The 2nd option is by using the web in a place just like a local college, library, cafe, or restaurant. A multitude of locations has free Wireless nowadays, even though some require a little purchase so that you can utilize it. Even very rural areas will often have some type of free internet option.


Okay, the software is trickier, because apart from thievery (that we clearly don’t condone), there isn’t any method to really get the kind of software you’ll need free of charge. You could attempt to make do using free alternatives, but bear in mind there will not be just as much support free of charge software. If to consider tutorials and add-ons, there just isn’t apt to be anywhere close to the variety you’d find for software like Adobe Illustrator.

Should you insist upon using a free software application, I suggest GIMP:

So far as free graphics software, GIMP is easily the most effective option, and it has probably the most support associated with a free program.

If you are searching for power and support, Illustrator is what you want. Fortunately, you will no longer need to cover out 100’s of dollars upfront to purchase the program. You can just get onto a regular monthly plan with the Adobe Creative Cloud program.

Yes, it’s still relatively pricey, however for software this effective along with the potential to help you just as much money because this one, it’s worthwhile. You will get Illustrator (with Lightroom) for $9.99 monthly, or pay $49.99 monthly to obtain all 20 Adobe apps, including Illustrator, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro and much more.

In addition, there are special prices for college students, so if you possess a student ID card, you can acquire a better monthly cost. For instance, students can acquire the $49.99 arrangement for just $29.99. This can be a significant investment, but you could begin with the $9.99 arrange for use of Illustrator and upgrade later. The fundamental plan is going to be fine when you are just getting began unless of course, you intend also to offer video editing or emblem creation, by which situation you’d need other apps like Premiere and Illustrator.

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