Drink Water – Your Water Supply Matters, Especially If You Exercise

Drink Water – Your Water Supply Matters, Especially If You Exercise

A bottle of what is in the bottle of the bottled water? What was in the bottle of water when it was bottled? The answer is still in the bottle. The carbonation has aged out of the bottle.

Water bottles do not need to be kept closed to preserve the water. Open the bottle once a day and drink the water as directed.

This is called intermittent open/close, or I/O for short.

This is not only the norm with bottled waters, it is the preferred method of drinking water in the home with tap water. Is tap water OK to drink? Yes, it is fine to drink, but tap water should be well tested.

What is the purpose of drinking water while walking, cycling, jogging, or doing any strenuous exercise? It is to replenish glycogen stores in muscles and get oxygen to the brain for processing, but you are just oxidizing sugar and salts in your muscles (glycogen).

So why don’t you add another sports drink to replenish muscle salts and sugar?

You will get the job done, but not the same as when you drink water alone.

If you drink water to replenish salts and sugar, it will also replenish muscle glycogen from the exercise. This is so typical for the consumer, that it is almost second nature. This is the answer for the person who never drinks water alone for replenishing salts and sugars.

The purpose of the above is to inform the person who has never drunk water alone, to drink water alone, to replenish muscle glycogen for the exercise. You can get the job done by adding a sports drink to your drinking water. You will get the same benefits as drinking water alone.

You will also get all the health benefits of drinking water alone.

Water contains electrolytes, minerals needed for cell metabolism. Drinking water alone will not replenish lost sodium, potassium, calcium from the diet. Drinking water alone will not replenish the water that has been lost through perspiration.

The first method you have ever experienced when drinking water alone was the chemical bath. This is normal for the first time and you will get used to it. I/O alone is a very effective way to drink water, even when the bottle of water has been sitting unused for a while. Drinking water alone will not be the same as when you drink water with a sports drink in it. Both the liquid and the sports drink have electrolytes. When you drink water alone, you do not need a sports drink. When you drink water with electrolytes, you can drink more of it without becoming thirsty. A chemical bath is not required when you have finished your drinking.

Just remember what I have explained here. Drink water alone and you will get the same benefits as drinking water with a sports drink.

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