Viral Video Marketing

create a video, the better it is. Your audience will get a better feel for you, and will want to do business with you. There is no money more satisfying than taking your product, service, or message and really making it mean business. There is a great feeling of power that comes with making it “count”.

Video is the most powerful medium that we have now. We are an increasingly impatient people, so a product or message that captured us was far more powerful than a product or message that did not. The “make it count” feeling, coupled with the “make it “count” feeling is what we want.

One of the most powerful video marketing ideas is to do a video testimonial. What is a video testimonial? It is a video of someone saying how satisfied they are with your product or service. It may be a statement of fact, or it may be a verbal statement, it may be something visual. Once you have done a video testimonial, it is a powerful device because it puts a face and a voice on your product and your service. It gives your audience a chance to feel what your product or service does for them. Your audience feels more confident in your product and your service. That leads to a greater interest in your product and a greater interest in your service. That, in turn, leads to greater sales. There are different variations on this idea. You could do a power point or a slide show presentation of how satisfied you are with your product or service. You could have a person giving a walking tour of your product or service or the services they provide. Or you could have a person demonstrating how your product or service works.

The point is, there is no limit to the creativity that you can take your product or service or message and put it on video. What you do not need to do is to limit yourself to one type of video submission. You can submit any kind of video, but there are certain things that you want to do to ensure your video is taken seriously by the search engines and your target audience. The search engines do not currently recognize “promotional” or “pitch” type videos. So if you are promoting a product or service do not submit those. The key to search engine success is to provide quality content. It does not matter what the form of the content is. It matters what the content is. If your content is no good, your video will be lost in the vastness of the cyberspace.