Getting the Best Health Care Coverage at a Low Cost

Getting the Best Health Care Coverage at a Low Cost

As most of you know, we are in the midst of a health care debate. The purpose of this article is to give you the facts, so you can make an informed choice as to which health care coverage company you would want to be a part of. The reason being, the information has been laid before you.

So what does an independent study have to do with health care?

When I first got into health care, I was paying around $100 a month for a personal plan. And it was way cheaper than the quote I had been getting from Blue Cross. As I got deeper into the policy, they would give me more and more complex plans which would have some more restrictions in order to help lower their cost to me. The first restriction was that the policy did not cover pre-existing conditions. This is a real restriction and many of you do not know that this is a thing. You can get a quote for a plan w/out this restriction and it will be cheaper.

Next was my monthly charge. I was paying around $100 per month for my personal plan with this insurance company. This company was so cheap, they gave me a really cheap plan. It was just a $6 copay per doctor visit and $15 copay per specialist visit. When I researched the plan, it turns out that it covers a ton of people, including myself. I had to find my own doctor that I could use. So I took the risk and bought the plan. It was way cheaper and it got me a lot of people I actually needed to see. Also, with this policy, my doctors were happy to accept the policy. This company actually cares and wanted me to get a medical plan that was beneficial for me.

The reason insurance is so expensive, is because the health care industry is so profitable. It has taken over the nation and now the health care industry is so big. There have been layoffs. If you take the job and lay it off, there are some great new jobs to use these laid-off workers. However, the health care costs are higher because of the laid-off worker.

* A great plan to reduce your health care costs is to do the reverse. What I did was I took the insurance that I was paying $100 a month for, and I took a personal plan and I cut it in half. That cut the monthly cost me $25 per month. This gives me doctors, hospital,s and services without any restrictions. Now my monthly premium is only $15 a month and the only restriction is that it is for my medical needs only.

So I would go over the benefits, and see what other options were available because I’m not looking for a plan to cover my spouse and the kids. I have no reason to go over my monthly premium. This plan has a little more in it, but the cost is a lot cheaper. It does cover all the basics. It covers my deductible, my prescriptions, and my eye doctor visits. It covers most of my eye doctor and hospital visits. This is great coverage at a low price.

So I hope this helps you understand how the health care coverage industry is run. If it doesn’t help you, I’d be glad to talk more. Just ask me. I’m always willing to talk about anything. I can give you more about my experience, what I know of the company and what other plans are available.

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